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  • You will get get access to the highest quality product in the world-- Whether you are selling our product or using it in a project, you can relax knowing that event the smallest skein of our product undergoes a stringent inspection before heading out to you. You will never have to waste your time or money dealing with the hassles of a product that isn’t up to your standards!

  • Getting product from us is easy and hassle free– Because we work with you personally, you will always have one of us here to help. No confusion or problems with automated system. You can get whatever you need in minutes.

  • Make a positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate– Not only does HunnyShop have a firm “NO child labor” policy, but all of our product is hand-made by women in India who are paid fair wages for their work. You can smile knowing that because of your order, a family does not have to worry about eating or their medical situation! You are improving the world– one ball of yarn at a time!

  • SECRET perks for business owners– Did you know we have NEVER had a single business owner leave us? It’s true! Aside from our great prices and renowned quality, part of the reason for this is because of the long list of “perks” we offer to businesses that work with us… but you have to be a wholesale client to learn about them!

At our online wholesale shop, you can buy all the items which we are selling on our all the retail sites. HunnyShop is a group company of JainsClothing Overseas Private Limited which is manufacture all types of Garments and Handicraft items. 

Please use the contact form above to let us know that you would like to apply for a wholesale account and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to go over the application process.


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